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Raksawarin Hot Spring Ranong

 “Raksawarin Hot Spring is ranked as one of the best three in the world because the water from this hot spring is pure, without the smell of sulphur. It is also considered the best in Thailand and is a popular family holiday destination for local people as it is surrounded by mountains and forest and has clean fresh air”.

Pawanrat Saengsiriroj (A Case Study of Raksawarin Hot Spring, Ranong Province, Thailand)         


The most sought for and popular tourist destination is Raksawarin Hot Spring in Ranong. This Hot Spring consists of three natural thermal water wells named “Dad Well”, “Mom Well” and “Daughter Well”. With constant temperature of 65 degrees, the most famous activities includes having boiled egg from the hot spring water, soaking the feet in the hot water, drinking the hot water, taking dips, get together and picnics during the weekend, and so on.  The Raksawarin Hot Spring is advised by the local doctors for health and well being.


‘Relieves muscle pain’ (94.5%),

‘Raksawarin hot spring water contains minerals that can improve blood circulation’ (93.2%),

‘Bathing can be enjoyed along with mountains, a canal and Green trees’ (90.1%)

‘My body feels lighter’ (88.8%)

‘To feel refreshed’ (86.2%).

 All the Raksawarin Hot Spring area is accesible without any cost except a small private pool with four small ponds to take bath, two hot and two warm water. The temperature here is controlled and its mostly crowded with kids. This area is managed by Tinidee Hotel itself. With 40 Baht entrance, this private pool has a good view of the river side also my personal favorite. They offer lockers, showering rooms with open roof and clean nice towels. The best thing is that it is properly managed and offers a spectacular view of the forests, river when you are soaking yourself in the hot natural spring water. 


amazing-view-from-raksawarin-hot-springRaksawarin Hot Spring Ranong View